According to reports, the andhra pradesh YSR congress party government, which is headed by chief minister Y S jagan Mohan Reddy, has started the process of drafting new laws that will soon establish three capital cities for the state. According to allegations in a portion of the media, the law department and legal experts have carefully reviewed the draught legislation for the new bill on decentralised development.

After the procedure is complete, the state cabinet will approve it, and the measure will then be presented to the state legislative assembly and council for approval. In all likelihood, the state cabinet will approve the law in a week or two, and it will be introduced during the state assembly's winter session, according to sources. The new three capitals measure appears to be written so as not to jeopardise the state government's case against the march 3 high court decision in the supreme Court.

Even while the supreme court just extended the state high court's deadline for finishing amaravati, it did not entirely reject the case for amaravati to be the sole capital. Furthermore, although he did not claim amaravati is the only capital, the state government's attorney at the supreme court made it apparent to the court during arguments that amaravati is the current capital. The revised bill would therefore continue along the same lines, emphasising decentralised development with the high court in kurnool and the secretariat in Visakhapatnam while still talking about developing amaravati as the capital (though it wouldn't say the only capital).

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