With the success of rrr and Baahubali, SS rajamouli has established himself as one of the best directors in indian cinema. The movie director just agreed to a new contract with mahesh babu, a superstar. mahesh babu is a good fit for the role, according to SS rajamouli, who said he wants to make an adventure film in the vein of Indiana Jones.

The next SSMB29, which will be written by Rajamouli's father Vijayendra Prasad, is being billed as a global journey. The project's pre-production work is in progress, and the core crew will soon begin the site reconnaissance. Another reason why the movie is in the news is. According to an update, Allu Arjun's daughter allu arha may be involved in the SSMB28 project. Arha might take on the role of a younger version of the movie's female heroine, pooja Hegde. There hasn't been any proof of this, though.

Disney and SS rajamouli could work out an agreement for the movie. After rrr and Baahubali's success, the director is getting offers to collaborate on overseas movies. The director has so far asserted that he has temporarily shelved his worldwide endeavours. According to sources, if all goes according to plan, this will be on Disney's worldwide schedule in the future year with the significant Marvel Films and other mega-projects that Disney is supporting. The discussions are progressing swiftly.

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