K chandrasekhar Rao, the president of Bharat Rashtra Samithi and the chief minister of telangana, appears to be primarily after Kapu leaders as he prepares to introduce his party in Andhra Pradesh. The cause is clear. In order to prevent the bjp from gaining support in Andhra and to prevent the Jana Sena party from supporting the telugu Desam Party's election, he intends to divide the votes of the Kapu population.

For this reason, kcr concentrated on luring Kapus into the BRS and appointed a strongman from the Kapu community, thota chandrasekhar, as the BRS president in Andhra. Many of them who joined the BRS are Kapus, along with Thota. Another Kapu leader visited Pragati Bhavan in hyderabad on wednesday to meet with the telangana chief minister. He was P Rammohan Rao, a former chief secretary of tamil Nadu under the jayalalithaa administration and a retired IAS officer.

Sources claim that Rammohan Rao and kcr spoke about the most recent political developments and the BRS's ambitions for Andhra. He might most likely join the BRS sooner or later. Rammohan Rao, who had previously worked with Pawan Kalyan's Jana Sena party as an advisor, ended their relationship after learning that the power star wasn't a serious politician. Rammohan Rao recently shunned pawan kalyan at a conference, saying that movie stars and businesspeople couldn't be expected to bring the Kapu community into political power.

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