Pawan Kalyan, the leader of the Jana Sena party and a well-known figure, started his much-anticipated "Yuva Sakthi" gathering on thursday in the srikakulam area, hoping to win over the youth for his party ahead of the next elections in Andhra Pradesh. The gathering, which will take place on 25 acres of ground close to Tallavalasa, is expected to be the largest one the Jana Sena has ever organised. Apart from Pawan Kalyan, a sizable platform has been set up on which around 100 delegates will be seated.

Now that the power star is scheduled to reveal both his future course of action and the party's plans, all eyes are on him. After meeting with tdp President N chandrababu naidu on Sunday, he told reporters, "I will come out with all the information at my meeting on january 12." The "Yuva Sakthi" meeting, which got under way at 12:30, will go on until 7 o'clock. Prior to Pawan's last address, which will outline his plans for the upcoming elections, all of the delegates on the dais will speak. The gathering will adopt two political resolutions, according to party sources.

Everyone anticipates that Pawan would unveil the action plan for the upcoming year, including the projected rath yatra, and provide clarity on alliances while riding in his recently purchased vehicle Vaaraahi, according to sources.

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