The handful of guests that have been on the Unstoppable show, which has pawan kalyan as the host, is one of the biggest surprises. Even "mega menalludu" sai dharam tej surprised the audience in the same way that Gopichand did in the prabhas edition of the show.

In actuality, Unstoppable and pawan kalyan were invited by SDT to appear and speak with host Nandamuri Balakrishna. The super hero has never participated in major events or addressed the audience since he was involved in a car accident, even though he recovered a few months later. Sai Dharam avoided many events, but when rumours surfaced that his voice was in poor condition, he spoke to the media briefly to quell the rumours.

According to reports, Sai Dharam must have thought that Unstoppable, which is currently the most viewed tv programme, would be the ideal opportunity to make a grand comeback to the audience. He is also reasonably close to "Chinna mavayya" Pawan Kalyan, which prepares the path for him to be on the programme. After the popular episode featuring tollywood superstar prabhas, viewers eagerly anticipated seeing ace tollywood star pawan kalyan on Nandamuri Balakrishna's discussion show Unstoppable with NBK 2. Fans may now watch a real chat between Nandamuri balakrishna and pawan kalyan on the telugu OTT platform Aha after a long wait.

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