Pawan Kalyan, the leader of JanaSena, has consistently cautioned his supporters against being overly enthusiastic, but this has had no impact on them. Currently, a fan lost his life while attempting to pass Pawan's convoy. In the narrative, Pawan went to the Kondagattu temple yesterday to participate in the puja of his just purchased Varahi campaign car.

Two teenage supporters named Kuna Rajkumar and Jakkula Anji attempted to pass the caravan in the KishanRao Peta area as Pawan was leaving the temple in his convoy. They then lost control of the two-wheeler bike during this procedure, crashing into a second two-wheeler that was travelling in the opposite direction.

They collided with the two-wheeled bike first, then they ran into a car. Because of the severity of the crashes, Rajkumar passed away immediately. Sadly, the second two-wheeler passenger who was not involved in the incident also suffered significant injuries as a result of the collision. In related news, pawan kalyan will be present for today's Varahi pooja at the vijayawada Durgamma temple. The incident has caused a huge shock amongst the fans of power star pawan kalyan and they expect some kind of financial help from their favorite actor.

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