Since the beginning of his career, sudheer babu has been choosing new and different scripts, but they never seemed to entertain or reach a large audience. After the debacle of his last release, he returned with the action film “Hunt” which is an official remake of a malayalam movie 'Mumbai Police'. The movie is releasing in theaters today on the occasion of Republic Day. And let's have a more in-depth review of this movie to see if sudheer babu gets the success he wants with this movie.

An honorable policeman named arjun Prasad is given the case to handle after Assistant Commissioner aryan Dev is killed. arjun Prasad has an accident while conducting the investigation, which causes him to forget everything that transpired earlier. To solve the case of aryan Dev, arjun had to deal with challenging circumstances. We must see the film on the big screens to find out whether arjun can solve this case.

Sudheer Babu excels in action and he scores pretty well as an upright cop most of the time. bharath looks odd most of the time and there are several actors from the tamil industry which gives an alien feel at times.  If you have already watched 'Mumbai Police', we are sure 'Hunt' won't excite you as most of them are just a replica of what we have seen earlier in the malayalam version itself. 

Although the movie looks like an unofficial remake of the mumbai Police movie, the director has tried to add some elements that would appeal to the telugu audience. The final twist of the film may not be seen by many and may not appeal to some. However, the climax twist has been the saving grace in our opinion. The songs are of no importance and the background score deserves a special mention to keep us glued to our seats. 

Overall, the movie has a good initial setup and an unexpected climax twist, but falters in between which makes it a mediocre watch!

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