Syam Pushkaran wrote Thankam, thus the audience will be in for a treat. Fahadh Faasil and Friends (Syam Pushkaran and Dileesh Pothen) are known for their support of quality films. Thankam (Gold), which was directed by Saheed Arafath, stars vineeth Sreenivasan, Biju Menon, Girish Kulkarni, and aparna Balamurali. Good friends and business partners in the gold jewellery industry in thrissur are Kannan (Vineeth) and muthu (Biju). While Kannan markets and sells goods to numerous jewellery stores in mumbai and South India, muthu is a goldsmith.

One day, while travelling to coimbatore to deliver something, Kannan, Biju, and their friend are detained by Muthupettai (Tamil Nadu) police on suspicion of smuggling gold into Jaffna. The three guys are absolved of all charges and sent back to thrissur, but things don't seem good. Then, Kannan leaves for mumbai to give some gold but is later discovered dead. At this time, muthu, Kannan's wife (Aparna Balamurali), and Muthu's boss are just as perplexed as the viewers and have no idea what has transpired. Who was Kannan, in truth? What caused the murder of Kannan? Is a gang transporting gold involved here?

The story Syam Pushkaran has written is extremely intriguing, gripping, and highly unpredictable. The plot of the film and what will occur in each scene are kept a secret from the viewer from the very beginning. Syam's idea was brilliantly captured on film by director Saheed Arafath, and in Thankam, the two of them genuinely appear to be working together. It is hard to imagine that this movie's writer and director are separate individuals. The background music by Bijibal contributes significantly to the tension and build-up in the movie, which keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Biju Menon, vineeth, and Girish Kulkarni are the three main actors in the excellent cast of Thankam. Thankfully, there aren't any song and dance sequences in the movie, which would have slowed down the flow and turned viewers off. One does wish that the author had provided us with a more thorough background on Kannan so that we could comprehend his mindset and circumstance. The movie's climax would have been more intense as a result.

Thankam is one of the best recent films to be released as an investigative drama. Avoid missing it!

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