The tdp General Secretary Nara Lokesh's historic padayatra has been on for six days now from Kuppam. The 4,000-kilometer padayatra's ambitious name, Yuvagalam, was chosen to appeal to young people and lure them in big numbers in order to win the next election in Andhra Pradesh. It is evident from his performance over the past six days that lokesh hasn't been able to attract in the public in general, let alone the younger demographic.

At the padayatra, police officers outnumber both adults and children in attendance. Security guards, his own bouncers, and the neighbourhood cops are all gathered around Lokesh. While the stroll seems uninteresting, his comments at public gatherings lack motivation. It is a known fact that lokesh struggles to motivate audiences and is poor at speaking in front of large crowds. He is, at best, only marginally effective during press conferences and private meetings, but not during public gatherings.

Despite the excitement built up prior to the padayatra's introduction, which saw nri teams working around the clock, the event fell short of expectations in the first week. There is still much to be done. Out of his enormous objective of 4,000 kilometres, he has only walked 65 kilometres in the last six days. To make the walk engaging and generate spectators, much more work on the organisational side is required.

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