Parotta became a villain..!? Death of a class 11 student..!?

Biryani is the most popular dish among food lovers. Equally or next to it, everyone's favorite dish is the parotta. Parotta Salna is popular in kerala after the southern districts of tamil Nadu. The parotta-salna combination is simply captivating. If that is the case, our youth will run away and eat just a parotta. This parotta can cause physical harm to some people. Accordingly, an incident has taken place in kerala which shocked everyone.
Student dies after eating parotta:

Accordingly, Siju Gabriel hails from Vazhathoppu in the idukki district of Kerala. His daughter Nayanmaria (16). She was studying 11th standard at Giant George High school in the same area. She had eaten parotta at a hotel in that area a few days ago. The next day after eating it, she became ill. Apart from this, there were some bad symptoms in the body. Her parents came to know about this and took the student to the hospital. She was given intensive care there. However, she succumbed to treatment yesterday afternoon.

Student Nayanmaria was allergic to maida and wheat-based food products, her parents said. Such allergies did not occur for a few days. Thus Nayanmaria started eating food made from maida. That's how she parotta ate. She had an allergy after eating bread and was admitted to the hospital. Later, she died yesterday afternoon without treatment.

Foods made with maida are delicious but eating it causes much harm to our bodies. All foods made with maida can cause many problems in our bodies. It increases our blood sugar levels. Maida has a high glycemic index. If you consume it in excess, it can cause diabetes and digestive problems. Also, experts warn that this maida can cause heart problems, ulcers, and constipation in our body.

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