The telangana government revealed evidence that the facility is actually being built in hyderabad a few days after the karnataka government claimed that it had signed an agreement with Taiwanese multinational electronics giant Foxconn technology group for the establishment of its manufacturing facility in Bengaluru. In a letter to telangana chief minister chandrasekhar rao-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>k chandrasekhar rao, Foxconn chairman Young Liu stated that his company was committed to building its production facility at Kongara Kalan on the outskirts of Hyderabad.

When Liu visited hyderabad on march 2, he expressed gratitude to kcr for his great hospitality and asked the telangana government team for help in quickly operationalizing the Kongar Kalan Park. The karnataka government announced on march 4 that Foxconn, an original equipment manufacturer for apple and a number of other electronic and mobile companies, would invest $700 million in a new plant close to Bengaluru's international airport.

Following a thorough discussion with the company's C'man Young Liu, Foxconn, a leading electronics company, and the state of karnataka have signed an agreement to make a significant investment. It is anticipated to generate 1 lakh new jobs. "300 acres of land have been given near Bangalore international Airport." But, Liu's letter to kcr refuted Bommai's assertions. The telangana chief minister would be honoured to be hosted by him in Taipei, he added in his invitation to kcr to visit taiwan as his personal guest.

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