On march 30, nani, a very skilled actor, will arrive with his Dasara. nani is anticipated to simultaneously startle and captivate us with a rustic, raw aesthetic. The actor seemed to be eager to dispel certain ideas and conjectures in the meanwhile. The tag "the boy next door" is one of them.

While introducing something relating to our telugu performers, several prefixes or implications were added, such as "Chocolate boy," "loving boy," and others. The lad next door is one such tag that nani also possesses. In an interview, a question about whether nani anticipated a different response from those who know and like him as a "kid next door" after seeing dasara was posed.

Nani was eager to point out that he is past that impression and has recently shown this with a variety of films. My Pilla Zamindar, shyam Singha Roy, and in a sense, jersey do not have the boy who lives next door to me, adds Nani. I'm not always like that, and the way the media and my admirers introduce me hasn't changed, but I've done a lot of movies that shattered the mould of the "boy next door" stereotype. Thus there is no need to be concerned about how people may respond to Nani's style or appearance during Dasara.

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