We can go to space from tamilnadu in 2030...!?

Nowadays, we have come to the situation of asking what is the price of that moon. Time is running out to the point where he takes a rocket and watches. Elon Musk's SpaceX company has already conducted several successful space tourism missions. Other space agencies are following suit and gearing up for space tourism. Is it just that isro, which launched a rocket on Tuesday, is watching more than a hollywood movie on a low budget? isro is also testing the technology to take people into space for tourism by 2030. isro has its own production of safe and reusable spacecraft modules. indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Chairman S somnath says about the tourism project planned to start in 2030.
He said that the work of preparing the modules to safely return the people on this journey to Earth is gaining momentum. Soon the entire system will be built and tests will be carried out. Well, then you are wondering how much it will cost to take us into space. They have said that on purpose. The cost of a ticket for this space tour will be around Rs 6 crore. But it varies depending on the prices of other tours in the market. There will be curiosity about how far the journey will be for 6 crore tickets. Don't be greedy to take them to the moon. Already companies like SpaceX and blue origin are offering their reusable New Shepard rocket to lift off the earth from ground level and experience 15 minutes of low gravity in sub-orbit at the edge of the atmosphere.
ISRO's space tourism will also reach almost this level. Standing at the edge of space and realizing it will be a journey back. The Gaganyaan program to send humans into space and the space tourism program is progressing rapidly together. Commenting on the safety aspect of spaceflight, the isro chief said that we are using the Reusable Launch Vehicle - technology Demonstrator (RLV-DD) to gain more knowledge about the safety of spaceflight. He said that due to this, common people will have the opportunity to travel to space safely without fear. If you want to go on a space tour, start your savings fast now. Don't want to save 6 crores? By 2030, isro can put a ticket for space tourism on a rocket.

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