Konda Vishweshwar reddy, a former Chevella mp and industrialist, is thinking about leaving the bjp and joining the congress party. According to people close to him, Konda is extremely dissatisfied with the bjp because Bandi Sanjay, the party's president in the state, has never trusted him on any matter. He believes Sanjay is preparing Chevella for a different type of leadership.

Konda is also uncomfortable with the Delhi-based bjp central leadership's targeting of the leaders of the opposition parties, particularly mp Rahul Gandhi. He is publicly voicing his displeasure at the filing of lawsuits in karnataka against congress leaders. Konda has now very candidly acknowledged that the bjp government at the Center had adopted vengeance politics and used federal investigative agencies against the opposition parties. Konda Vishweshwar reddy claimed in a video that the opposition party leaders were being targeted by investigating agencies under the Modi administration.

Citing the delhi liquor scandal as an example, he asserted that the Modi administration would have already imprisoned BRS MLC K kavitha if there had been a political need to do so. She was not being detained, he said, "but since it would be disadvantageous for the bjp as assembly elections were due in the State." He acknowledged that the central agencies came under pressure from the administration to target leaders of the opposition parties. The BRS leaders are now using Konda's remarks to criticize the BJP.

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