The worldwide religions of christianity and islam have emerged. Thirumavalavan, the leader of the VCK, has questioned why hinduism has not become a world religion. P. Murthy, Sri Lanka's minister of Securities and Exchange, opened it. Tol. Thirumavalavan MP, the leader of the Liberation Tigers of tamil Eelam (LTTE), was present. “College hospitals associated to naturopathy are increasing in tamil Nadu,” he informed reporters after that. Natural medicine is not given enough weight by the indian government. 

It should be given the attention it deserves. A board for naturopaths should be established by the federal government. There are employment for english and indian doctors, but there are none for natural medicine students. I've already told Seeman that social justice should not be pursued by politics in a way that aligns with conservative forces in the political landscape. spirituality and religion are not the same thing. The concept of spirituality, as well as the institution of religion. We, the tamil Party, are unexpectedly going to endorse the political conservatives.

Why hasn't hinduism developed into a universal religion the way christianity and islam have? Hindu leaders must reflect. hinduism is not acknowledged by the world's nations since it is a caste-based sectarian religion. Seeman's behaviour has changed, according to the RSS, who states that he is on our side."

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