Actor satyadev was given an unpleasant awakening by Godse. The movie that was released the other day had weak debuts throughout all of the telugu states. In multiplexes, the majority of the shows have been cancelled. While viewers are not in the mood to flock to theatres, Godse's problems have been made worse by a lacklustre trailer and substance.

Satyadev is attempting lead roles in addition to juggling character roles. Recently, he has had trouble with this. In contrast to Thimmarusu, his most recent film Skylab was a box office disaster. Now, satyadev is placing all of his hope in his upcoming Gurthunda Seethakalam. Without a doubt, satyadev had portrayed some excellent characters in a number of previous movies. But it appears that he got off track with movies like Godse. satyadev, however, is focused on making his hindi acting debut. He will appear in ram Setu by Akshay Kumar. He will also appear in Chiranjeevi's Godfather in a supporting capacity.

In the second half of the film, a different tangent is taken, a nostalgic mood is created, and the reason for Godse's acts is explained. Ra Rammandi Uru, performed by ram Miriyala and featuring music by sandy Addanki and lyrics by Ramajogayya Sastry, was a joy to watch and hear. Jia Sharma of arjun reddy fame played Shalini, and noel Sean played Raghav. Both actors played significant roles and performed a fantastic job. While the second half of the movie is occasionally refreshing, viewers may find it to be stale and tedious in comparison to the first.

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