Contrary to some renowned heroines, several newbies and struggling heroines have now begun to display their bikini photos. The only thing that unites these images, except the models' radiant complexion, is the Maldives' crystal-clear waters. If we must state, then this is a highly compensated treat. Most of them expose their bodies to grab attention and also get some offers.

Recent bikini teasing by the heroine Vedika left everyone in awe, and as she published the photos, she also advertised a resort in the Maldives. In exchange for not releasing these bikini photos, the resort offered the actress a free trip and stay in the Maldives. Alaya Furniturewala, a newcomer to Bollywood, is right behind her. To promote yet another seaside resort, this hottie slipped into ultra-slim two-piece ensembles.

Shalini Pandey of arjun reddy fame, who recently flaunted her slimmer appearance in a bikini top, has now joined these two hotties. The actress claimed that she is there to catch up on her tan, but all of her sultry photos are taken at the same resort, which explains everything. As most of them don't even hesitate to slip into two pieces and promote tourism in the maldives, we wonder how many more heroines are now travelling to the maldives by accepting these offers.

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