K. chandrasekhar Rao, the chief minister of Telangana, took aim at the narendra modi administration on Monday, claiming it was engaging in hate politics to polarise society in order to mask its shortcomings. The chief minister claimed that those in power at the Center were using vile methods to polarise the populace during his remarks at Independence Day celebrations at the ancient golconda Fort.

KCR, as the chief minister is known, bemoaned the use of fascist attacks by individuals in positions of power to sabotage the long-standing peace that india has managed to preserve. He claimed that the freedom fighters were suffering because of this immorality. He claimed that the Central government's inefficiency had hampered the development of the nation. Inflation has increased, and the cost of necessities has skyrocketed.

The indian rupee's value has reached its lowest point, and the nation's unemployment rate is at its highest point. He claimed that the leaders at the Center were using hate-based politics to polarise the populace in order to conceal these failures. While india is hailed for its unity in diversity, according to the chief minister, today's ludicrous inclinations are harming India's reputation. Additionally, kcr claimed that some antagonistic forces in the state were attempting to inflame communal fervour in order to undermine peace and harmony and obstruct development.

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