It is believed that prominent election strategist sunil Kanugolu, who had been employed by the telugu Desam party, led by Nara Chandrababu Naidu, for the previous year, has ended his relationship with the organisation. The tdp hired Kanugolu, who has been in charge of Mind Share Analytics, last year. He is reputed to be an authority on data analytics, poll management at the booth level, and political campaign tactics. Due to competing party interests, Kanugolu has not been pleased with the tdp top leadership.

According to sources, he has not been pleased with Nara Lokesh's frequent meddling in minute details, which has caused multiple modifications in the strategy planning. Even though there were rumours that the tdp leadership wasn't originally pleased with him, Naidu has continued his contract with another electoral strategist, Robin Sharma of Showtime Consultancy. As a result, sunil Kanugolu and Robin Sharma's respective bodies of work almost overlap. Despite the fact that the two of them first collaborated with prashant kishor in I-PAC, their disparate mentalities are leading to an idea collision.

Sunil Kanugolu is currently employed with the telangana Congress party in addition to his other jobs. His work with the tdp is also being disrupted by this. He reportedly decided to leave the tdp for all of these reasons, according to sources. Before joining the I-PAC, Sunil, a native of Bellari, studied in the US. Prior to 2014, he founded a consulting company called Association of Brilliant Minds and was a key factor in the BJP's electoral triumph. He has previously worked for the Janata Dal (U) in bihar as well as the DMK in tamil Nadu.

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