According to reports, Y S jagan Mohan reddy, the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, read out the names of 27 MLAs who were discovered to be inactive and not taking part in the party's door-to-door campaign. On his way back from tirupati on Wednesday, jagan Mohan reddy met with the ministers and MLAs at his camp office. According to reports, the chief minister informed those 27 MLAs that he would not offer them tickets for the 2024 elections since he was not willing to lose even one mla seat.

According to sources, the names of a deputy chief minister, two members of the current cabinet, and a former deputy chief minister were discovered on the list and are likely to be eliminated in the upcoming election. According to reports, the chief minister had assured them that he had given the MLAs adequate time to begin their work. These MLAs and Ministers, however, did not go door to door or interact with the electorate.

While the door-to-door campaign lasted for 70 days, the participation of these 27 MLAs, ministers, and previous ministers lasted only 15 days. The chief minister reportedly assured them that he would not give up on victory and reiterated his goal of capturing all 175 assembly seats in the upcoming elections. Since their names were called out at the meeting, it will be interesting to see what these 27 MLAs decide to do. The question remains as to whether they will perform better or change parties prior to elections.

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