Naresh, an actor, and Pavitra, his partner, are frequently in the news. After their latest argument, naresh and Pavitra's relationship was widely reported in the media. On social media, there are several memes on the same topic. In the present, Pavitra has contacted the cyber police in hyderabad regarding all the memes and taunts on social media. Pavitra complained that social media sites are widely disseminating modified photographs of her and naresh to the point that they are hurting their feelings.

The actress filed a complaint against a few tv networks and social media platforms that were harassing the couple. She pleaded with the police to pursue the offenders with vigour. The police have reported the incident, and an additional investigation is currently underway. Well, celebrities approaching cybercrime police over online animosity is getting more and more prevalent. Given the number of trolls referring to Pavitra and naresh, it makes sense that she has now followed suit.

On Sunday, ramya Raghupathi arrived at the mysore hotel where telugu star naresh was staying and attempted to strike him and actor Pavithra lokesh with her shoes, escalating their already tense relationship. naresh and Pavithra can be seen leaving a room and going to the elevator as ramya tries to hit them in videos posted online and broadcast by news outlets. police officers in uniform are seen restraining Ramya.

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