Strange occurrences occur in andhra pradesh, and they are all related to Chandrababu Naidu's tdp, the opposition party. The state government hosted a lavish dinner party for the judges when Naidu was the chief minister, spending approximately Rs 20 lakh on 18 judges. A floral farewell was organised by the tdp on behalf of amaravati farmers from the high court to Venkatapalem, a distance of about 10 kilometers, when a chief justice was transferred and a judge retired. The advocates are protesting the tdp after the supreme court collegium named two judges for transfer.

One wonders if this is the first time in India's independent history that judges are being transferred! There are demonstrations against the two justices' proposed transfer at the high court and even outside, and there are social media protest posters. It's interesting to note that these justices have publicly criticised the state government's decisions. The tdp and the farmers of amaravati have grown to love certain judges of the andhra pradesh high court as a result of a string of favourable rulings.

Political activists are bringing up the comments made by Justice K Chandru, a retired judge from the madras high court, about decisions made by the ap High Court. There were questions raised when the high court ordered the state administration to develop farmland plots for farmers within three months and finish building the capital city of amaravati within six months in its march judgement. The judgement was viewed negatively since it is literally impossible to build a city in six months, as any real estate developer or someone with even a basic understanding of construction operations can realise.

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