Young people have been flocking to the theatres to watch this cutting-edge love drama, which centres on the problems of young couples, as the tamil film "Love Today" is roaring at the telugu box office. Guess what? pradeep Ranganathan, the film's director and hero, is currently attracting a lot of attention and it appears that tollywood has also locked him. Just like in 'Love Today' movie, he has also grabbed Tribal pics from Kajal from his debut movie Comali.

Hero-director pradeep Ranganathan said that several sequences that didn't work in tamil have succeeded tremendously here, and the telugu state audience has given him goosebumps in a press conference following the film's screening in a hyderabad theatre. The telugu version of the movie, which was just released on over 320 screens and is performing exceptionally in this market, was released alongside the tamil version on almost 300 screens. Due to all of these factors, numerous telugu producers rushed to sign pradeep for a movie.

There is a rumour going around that Srinivasa Chittur of Srinivasa silver screen will produce Pradeep's upcoming multilingual film with him playing the protagonist. Another rumour is that dil Raju, who is currently only a distributor of the telugu version, has locked the filmmaker for yet another movie. Even if they are tamil films, Pradeep's upcoming two movies are almost certainly only going to be made by telugu producers.

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