An uninteresting sunday night is the ideal time to see a movie like Shotgun Wedding, either by yourself or with companions. Shotgun Wedding aptly pays homage to the crazy sans legendary comedies of the early 2000s and the mid-2010s like Jerry Maguire, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, The Princess Bride, and the likes of it, despite the fact that it lacks originality.

The plot of the Jason Moore film is rather simple to follow. josh Duhamel and Jennifer Lopez's characters, tom and Darcy, are a happy couple who are preparing to tie the knot in the most lavish of fashions. The leading pair runs into a number of strange situations while the two eccentric families gather on a stunning tropical island in the philippines for a memorable destination wedding. For instance, Darcy's ex-lover Sean (played by Lenny Kravitz), who is present at the invitation of Darcy's wealthy father, joins them as an unexpected guest.

With the exception of a comedic hitch, the event goes smoothly for the friends and family, and the night progresses. It isn't until after that that we realise how unprepared the soon-to-be bride and groom are in light of their impending nuptials. The real plot, however, begins the following day when tom and Darcy argue over a trivial matter and three renegade pirates invade the guests who were waiting at the wedding venue. The duo must next overcome the difficulty of freeing all the prisoners while attempting to manage their affections for one another. Will they get together by the movie's end?

Shotgun Wedding follows the tried-and-true formula of the traditional rom-com cliches, but with the added vagary of streamlined action. It includes everything you would anticipate from a good casual watch, including flimsy character sketches taken directly from the overused character library. For instance, a disinterested and patronising mother who minimises her daughter's choice, a seductive sister who appeals to JLo, a foolish but endearing token male character who serves just to balance the charts, and other characters that we have undoubtedly seen in dozens of other movies. When the "so-called" plot twists don't appeal to you since you had probably expected them, the lack of imagination is even more obvious.

In defence of itself, Shotgun Wedding plays into your desire for guilty pleasures like a tub of ice cream that you want to eat more and more of. Perhaps what fascinates us are the absurd and humorous developments. Or the spike in dopamine and sense of déjà vu when we witness josh and Darcy quarrelling in the midst of a potentially fatal circumstance while still selflessly declaring their love for one another. You can't help but be overcome with unending hope and expectations when you witness their inescapable chemistry.

Shotgun Wedding is fairly entertaining and enjoyable if you don't analyse every tiny detail pertaining to the treatment's illogic. It has some hit-and-miss jokes strewn here and there, some dorky and some heartfelt moments of companionship shared between our protagonists, and dollops of cringe bleeding out of the screenplay. It should be viewed in this context because the movie is simple and easy to follow.

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