After having a severe heart attack in kuppam, actor Taraka Ratna is in critical condition. He is currently receiving care from cardiologists from Bengaluru's Narayana Hrudayalaya hospital in a local hospital. He will be carefully watched over in the crucial 48 hours. The left side of Taraka Ratna's heart was almost entirely obstructed, according to sources, and this led to a heart attack. He began performing at the age of 39 in the 2002 film "Okato Number Kurradu."

According to reports, Nandamuri Tarakaratna's condition is still critical. The medical team from Bengaluru has arrived in kuppam to treat Tarakaratna. He is receiving treatment for a 90% blockage in the left side artery of his heart. alekhya Reddy, the wife of Tarakaratna, arrived at Kuppam's PES hospital. In order to provide him with better care, the family is thinking of moving him to Bengaluru Narayana Hrudayalaya.

Tarakaratna had previously been seen by lokesh and balakrishna in the hospital. jr ntr also asked Tarakaratna how he was doing. A formal assessment of his health is anticipated soon. Tarakaratna's cardiac valves are blocked, according to Gorantla Bhucchaih Chowdary before. He added that physicians are initially helping him get better before treating his heart problems. Actor Tarakaratna suffered a severe heart attack and passed out during a kuppam political gathering.

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