National Day of Freedom - Feb 01!!!

The purpose of this holiday is to honour the liberties that American citizens have, which we should never take for granted. The festival specifically honours the day in 1865 when President Abraham Lincoln signed the constitution's 13th Amendment. This amendment is crucial because it essentially put an end to slavery in the US. 

One of the foundational values of the united states of America is freedom, thus it was intended for everyone to take a minute to recognise their good fortune on this day. We should all be grateful for the numerous liberties we enjoy as citizens of this wonderful nation!

What occasion is observed on february 1st?

National Freedom Day is today. This holiday is intended to foster goodwill, harmony, and equality of opportunity among all residents and to serve as a reminder that the US is a country dedicated to the principle of freedom.

Former slave Major richard Robert Wright Sr. advocated for a day when all Americans may celebrate their freedom. Following his release from prison, Wright established himself as a prosperous businessman and respected member of the Philadelphia community. Because President Lincoln signed the 13th Amendment to the Constitution on this day in 1865, Major Wright decided to designate february 1 as National Freedom Day. Know what the 13th Amendment accomplished?

This amendment, which was a significant revision to our written laws, made slavery illegal in the United States. President Harry Truman officially proclaimed february 1 to be "National Freedom Day" in 1948 after Wright assembled local and national leaders to draught a law establishing the holiday.

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