Yesterday, veteran director K Viswanath went away, and the entire cinema industry is mourning his unexpected death. The director's work with kamal haasan will be covered when we discuss his career. K. Viswanath and kamal haasan shared a close professional bond and respect for one other's creative output. Haasan was a well-known actor, director, and screenwriter, while Viswanath was one of indian cinema's most prominent filmmakers.

Together, kamal haasan and K. Viswanath worked on a number of influential telugu movies that had a significant impact on the industry. Their works "Sagara Sangamam," "Swathi Muthyam," and "Subha Sankalpam" are still cherished and remembered by viewers today. They are among the best films in indian cinema.

Viswanath played Haasan's father-in-law in the movies "Uttama Villain" and "Kuruthipunal," in which the two co-starred. Haasan has praised Viswanath's contributions to indian film throughout the years. He has frequently referred to Viswanath as one of the best directors in indian cinema and has acknowledged him as one of the major influences on his own career. Viswanath and Haasan had a bond that extended beyond their job in the film industry. In addition, they had a tight personal bond and frequently socialised outside of the workplace.

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