Director lokesh kanagaraj and Thalapathy Vijay collaborated on another movie after Master. This initiative very recently got off the ground. Recently, a teaser for this film's title was released. This movie, Leo, is a component of Lokesh's Cinematic Universe. Fans immediately began making connections between the trailer and LCU's earlier movies Kaithi and vikram once it was released since it has many easter eggs. These fan hypotheses are gaining traction on social media.

1. A masked group driving cars can be seen in one of the teaser's images. This group of masked men is reminiscent of Kamal Haasan's vikram team.

2. In another image, a second gang is visible driving around at night. Fans believe that Rolex will lead this team.

3. Vijay is seen holding a bean in the teaser. Cocaine's main source is a seed from the erythoxylum plant. In Vikram, kamal haasan also makes reference to erythoxylum. This teaser suggests that Vijay would play an Erythoxylum dealer in the film.

4. karthi claims in Kaithi that he spent three years working at a bakery while he was incarcerated. Fans believe there may be a relationship between Dilli (Karthi) and Leo in that regard (Vijay).

Currently, all of them are merely fan speculations, but they are raising awareness of Leo. We must wait until the release to learn the reality behind these claims. The shooting for Leo should start soon. It might premiere in the first quarter of 2019.

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