N Chandrababu Naidu, the TDP's president, is currently keeping a quiet profile. Pawan Kalyan, on the other side, has been preoccupied with unanticipated movie ventures. The TDP's plan to provide lokesh Naidu, the son of Chandrababu, considerable exposure during his padayatra is known to be the underlying cause. The media and the general public would be distracted from lokesh if Pawan were to travel on political campaigns in his Varahi car.

Chandrababu has ordered Pawan to hold off on appearing in any political forums until march in order to stop this from happening. As a result, Pawan asked Chandrababu for permission to conduct film shoots in the interim, and the request was accepted, according to the sources. PK is therefore currently preoccupied on the upcoming movie shoots. The TDP's plan to maximise lokesh Naidu's exposure during his padayatra is a deliberate action to boost his political status.

The tdp leader makes sure that lokesh and his padayatra remain in the public eye by keeping Pawan preoccupied with his film endeavours. Chandrababu's faith in Lokesh's abilities and his willingness to develop him as a future leader are demonstrated by this action. The "Yuvagalam" padayatra offers lokesh not only a chance to engage with the public and demonstrate his leadership abilities, but also a chance to establish his political credentials. The big question is whether lokesh will take advantage of this chance and perform at his peak.

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