Anam Ramanaraya Reddy, a venkatagiri MLA, is being courted by the bjp to join the saffron party. In order to grow its ranks and become a viable alternative in the future, the party is looking for charismatic leaders. The bjp is growing in telangana and is challenging the BRS party, which is currently in power, with strength. As a result, the bjp has started to attract influential personalities in telangana and is currently challenging KCR's hegemony.

In response, the bjp in andhra pradesh is making an effort to win over unhappy tdp and ycp leaders. Anam Ramanarayana Reddy, who recently split with the ycp, is the target of the party. The inclusion of Anam, a seasoned politician, presents a possibility for the bjp to increase its support in Nellore. Anam would be given important duties at the local and state levels, the party has vowed.

Anam's admission might aid the party's expansion in the nellore City, nellore Rural, Atmakuru, and venkatagiri constituencies, according to rumours that national-level bjp leaders are inquiring about him. Anam's admission in the bjp is also supported by the RSS, and ap bjp president somu veerraju has been tasked with initiating talks to do so. Anam is deliberating with close pals on his future course of action as he weighs his options. In order to choose the best course of action for his future and the future of his supporters, he is considering joining the tdp, Janasena, or BJP.

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