Turkey Earthquake: Dead bodies piled high in hospitals...

There has been extensive destruction as a result of the destructive 7.8 earthquake that struck turkey and Syria. There have been thousands of building collapses following more than 100 earthquakes. From the rubble, bodies of people are being recovered. The dead toll has surpassed 7,200 as a result of body recoveries. It's anticipated that there will be more earthquake-related fatalities. Rescuers are searching among the thousands of destroyed buildings for survivors.

Teams from many nations have been sent to assist with rescue and relief efforts. More than 24,400 emergency personnel were on the scene, according to Turkey's disaster management agency. However, it appears that their attempts were in vain given that Monday's powerful earthquake affected a sizable region and approximately 6,000 buildings were confirmed to have collapsed in turkey alone.

Vice President of turkey Fuat Oktay reported that 3,80,000 individuals have sought refuge in hotels or government shelters, and more than 8,000 people have been rescued from building wreckage in turkey alone. 

Sub-zero temperatures and the aftershocks of roughly 200 earthquakes have made it perilous to search for people within shaky structures, further impeding efforts to locate survivors. In the places devastated by the earthquake, the ground has moved lower than 10 feet.

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