Prabhas's love with bollywood actress...!? Fun in Maldives?

There were reports that Baahubali hero prabhas is in love with a bollywood actress and they are going to get engaged in the Maldives. prabhas rose to become a Pan-Indian actor with Baahubali. Since then, all the films he is acting in are being made with a huge budget. After the success of Baahubali, prabhas released two big films saaho and Radhe Shyam. But both of them failed miserably. Especially last year's film radhe shyam suffered a loss of over Rs.100 crores.Even after facing such a series of failures, prabhas did not lose his mass. He is committed to acting in subsequent films. That way, he is currently acting in a film called Adipurush. Directed by Om Rawat, the film is based on Ramayana. prabhas plays Raman in the film. He is paired with bollywood actress kriti sanon who is playing the role of Sita. A few months ago there were reports that prabhas and kriti sanon had fallen in love during the shooting of Aadipurush and that they were planning to get married soon. But actress kriti sanon categorically denied this. Due to this, this love controversy, which was suppressed for a few months, has now started again. For the past few days, there has been a rumor in bollywood that the marriage has gone as far as engagement. According to it, prabhas and kriti sanon are going to get married soon and they are going to get engaged in the maldives next week, which is Valentine's Day. While this news has gone viral, Prabhas's side has given an explanation. prabhas and kriti sanon have put an end to the rumors by saying that they are close friends and that none of the rumors are true.

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