MLC election results are trickling out. The tdp parties are using deceptive publicity to try to convince people that the YSRCP is losing favour in pulivendula, YS jagan Mohan Reddy's district. In this regard, they have begun spreading false statistics under the guise of the votes cast in the pulivendula Constituency. The votes cast at the constituency level cannot, however, be known in MLC elections like they can in mla elections.

"Unlike mla elections, the MLC elections do not count by constituency. The votes are all combined before being counted. This social media claim is completely without merit. Final statistics will be revealed by election Commission, till then don't believe such fake news "AP Government's Factcheck-specific social media account made the statement. As a result, we must wait to see what the region's final outcome will be and refrain from drawing judgements based on fictitious data.

TDP opposition members have once more been suspended from the andhra pradesh Legislature. Tammineni Sitaram, the speaker, said that all 11 members will be out of commission for a single day. Achchennaidu, Adireddy Bhavani, Chinarajappa, Bendalam Ashok, Ganababu, Velagupudi, Manthena Ramaraju, Sambasivarao, Gottipati Ravikumar, Balaveeranjaneya, and Gadde Rammohan are among the suspended members, who were first suggested by minister Buggana. tdp members have now been put on administrative leave five times in a row.

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