In the movie business, everything revolves around recognizing, appreciating, and celebrating the cast and crew's tireless efforts to produce a masterpiece. And when it comes to awards in the film industry, the Oscars represent the highest honor. The telugu cinema industry recently experienced a triumphant moment when the song "Naatu Naatu" from the film rrr received an oscar for Best Original Song.

Dil Raju delivered unique presents to the principal actors in the movie and the rest of the production team as a token of gratitude and joy. Custom-made globes, letters of gratitude, movie reels, clapboards, and a picture from the Naatu Naatu song were among the presents given. The generosity of dil raju left the performers and the film crew speechless, and it was an occasion for them to feel proud of their contributions to a production that had attained such lofty goals.

The importance of acknowledging and appreciating the team's work in producing a masterpiece is shown by dil Raju's actions. dil Raju, a visitor, remarked...Thank you to the entire team that worked on the rrr movie, which not only helped telugu and indian film gain a positive reputation throughout the world, but also won an Oscar. I grew up seeing shiva krishna films like Aadapaduchu and Anaadiga Aadadi, which are filled with family sentiments and ideals.I enjoy watching movies like this one that are about family and family values. I hum the Anaadiga Aadadi tune Uruko Vadinamma whenever I'm feeling down.

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