The leader of the Jana Sena party, Pawan Kalyan, has been waiting for a road map from the Bhartiya Janata party leadership regarding the coordinated approach to challenge the ysr congress party government in Andhra Pradesh. It now appears that he has received one. The andhra pradesh bjp leaders' meeting on tuesday to plan for the future has made it apparent to the public and the Jana Sena party that the partnership between the two parties has mostly come to an end.

Actually, the honeymoon period between the Jana Sena and the bjp has long since ended; the alliance has existed, at least on paper. However, the bjp leadership has now effectively broken the alliance by stating that the party could have to stand alone in the upcoming elections. "In the upcoming days, we'll aim to develop independently and become a potential political force in the state. As the Jana Sena has stopped included the bjp in any of its programs, we have chosen to put an end to this ambiguity over the alliance, a senior bjp leader from Andhra remarked.

According to reports, the bjp leadership told pawan kalyan that it would prefer not to be a part of the Jana Sena-TDP alliance through Nadendla Manohar, the chairman of the Jana Sena Party's political affairs committee. "Pawan kalyan needs to make it clear whether he plans to support the tdp or the BJP. He has the ball in his hands. There is no room for confusion in this regard, according to the bjp leader.

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