The number of advisors will likely be reduced in the coming days by ysr congress party president and andhra pradesh chief minister Y S jagan Mohan Reddy, who has come under fire for hiring consultants on every topic under the sun. This was clear from the way his government on tuesday provided the state high court with an undertaking. The government pledged in an affidavit to the high court that, rather than making nominations at random, it would develop a methodology for selecting advisors.

"We have made the decision to create a scientific policy for adviser appointment. In the affidavit, the administration stated that the cabinet would shortly meet to consider and approve the policy. The policy states that moving forward, the jagan administration will only choose advisers for ministers and not for departments or other authorities. Accordingly, the guidelines will be created. It stated that "the advisors would only be assisting the ministers."

Any minister seeking the chief minister's permission must notify him or her in writing well in advance of any advisor they wish to hire. The advisers would be hired for a two-year term, with the possibility of extension based on performance for an additional two years. The proposal also stated that the advisors would fall under the umbrella of public servants, making them subject to the Prevention of Corruption Act. The advisers to the chief minister will also be subject to the policy. The existing advisors will be reclassified as advisors to the ministers, the government has informed the court. The advisors' position and responsibilities would be described in the policy.

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