Kona venkat wrote the screenplay for "Ginna," which stars manchu vishnu in the lead role and was directed by G. Nageswara Reddy. The movie's screenplay was written by Mohan Babu. The entire Manchu family had high hopes for the film, but they were disappointed. mohan babu acknowledged his bewilderment at the movie's loss, saying he still does not understand why it failed given that all of its commercial features were performed flawlessly.
Mohan Babu acknowledges that there are many reasons for why it didn't work out, but he still thinks that luck played a part and wishes things had gone his way. Throughout his career, Vishu has delivered amazing performances in movies like "Dhee" and "Doosukelta," but regrettably, "Ginna" did not receive the praise it merited, said Mohan Babu.

Additionally, he said, "Ginna" was a superb movie that did well on the OTT platform."  The flaws of "Son of India," in which he appeared, were also acknowledged by Mohan Babu. He thinks that by making the movie, he took a big risk, hence viewers' reluctance to shell out 200 rupees to watch an experimental film was understandable. The movie will have its tamil version on ZEE Thirai at the earliest possible and the dubbing works are happening now.

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