One of the biggest star heroines in the south during the past ten years is thought to be Kajal Aggarwal. She collaborated with virtually every notable hero across all genres. Due to her marriage and pregnancy, she decided to take a vacation from the industry. Her first film after a layoff is the tamil horror comedy Ghosty as she starts her second inning.

But the movie ended up being a complete failure. Both the public and the critics were unimpressed with the movie. Those who have seen the movie have criticized it for being irrelevant, obnoxious, and lacking in taste. The film will struggle to even recoup its release costs due to the poor box office receipts. The telugu dub of the movie will be released the following week.

Kajal's second inning has not gone well thus far. Her final picture from her first run, acharya, also turned out to be a mistake for her career because it completely eliminated her character. Kajal produced duds like Hey Sinamika and mumbai Saga before acharya as well. Anil Ravipudi's film balakrishna and Shankar's indian 2 are two of Kajal's upcoming movies, which look promising. Let's hope her second outing is as bit as spectacular as her first.

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