He has a lot of experience in the industry and has worked with practically all of the main actors on several significant projects. His movie rrr was nominated for an oscar today, and the Naatu Naatu song won the prize. Throughout his career, producer DVV Danayya has worked in the background, not just for RRR. Due to this, certain biased media began accusing SS rajamouli of purposefully omitting Danayya from the spotlight in order to dominate the Oscars. Although it seems absurd to read that rajamouli ignored Danayya in order to gain attention, this is how the prejudiced media fabricates news.

In a recent interview posted on a YouTube channel, Danayya expressed his pride at being known as the producer of the critically acclaimed film rrr, which brought the nation an Oscar. He expressed his gratitude to SS rajamouli for upholding his more than ten-year commitment and given him the opportunity to create such a masterpiece. He claimed that the fact that Danayya produced rrr would go down in history as enough for him.

He denounced and shamed anyone who attempted to use his absence as an excuse to accuse rajamouli of neglecting him. Danayya said he is incredibly grateful to have received an heir from both the big family and the Nandamuri family in the same frame. All of those envious creatures crying on rajamouli day in and day out were quiet by DVV Danayya.

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