The YSRCP's undavalli sridevi, a Tadikonda mla, is furious that the party's leadership suspended her following the MLC race. In order to vote for the TDP's nominee, Panchumarthi Anuradha, sridevi is alleged to have cast multiple ballots and accepted Rs 20 crore from the party. The suspended mla has refuted the claims and challenged the leadership to support them, offering to pay Rs 40 crore to whoever can.

She has also expressed support for the amaravati uprising and stated that amaravati should serve as the state's sole capital. Now, those close to the mla claim that she will resign from her position and call a by-election in Tadikonda, which includes 90% of the communities in Amaravati. She is being urged to resign by the head of the amaravati Joint Action Committee. Interestingly, tdp leader chandrababu naidu has urged the mla to resign from her position and run for reelection while pledging to support her.

Due to the investments made in the region based on Chandrababu Naidu's word, amaravati is similarly important, if not more so, to him and his TDP. They are putting more and more weight on Naidu to safeguard their objectives by designating amaravati as the sole capital. Following this, chandrababu naidu reportedly informed sridevi that if a by-election is forced, she could run again on a tdp ticket. According to the sources, sridevi may think about forcing the by-election if the tdp and Jana Sena, in addition to the amaravati joint action committee, back her.

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