Why is the New parliament Building Triangular?


Today's ceremony to officially open India's new parliament building began with a multifaith prayer ceremony and early morning havan. After this, prime minister Narendra Modi will officially launch the project.
PM Modi mounted the sacred "Sengol" next to the Speaker's chair in the lok sabha after doing puja. Before it was installed in the new parliament building, Adheenams gave him the ancient "Sengol".  Traditional prayers and an hour of Vedic rites opened the ceremony. Along with PM Modi, lok sabha Speaker om birla was present for the pooja.

The website for the Central Vista project stated that the triangle design is intended to promote optimal space usage. The new complex's legislative chambers will be bigger. The new lok sabha would have 888 seats, which is three times as many as it currently has, while the rajya sabha will have 348 seats. The lok sabha chamber would be able to accommodate 1,272 seats for combined sessions under the redesigned floor plan.

The central joint session from the previous complex will be a part of the lok sabha hall in the new complex, which will also contain offices on the exterior like the previous structure and a "Constitutional Hall" in the centre.

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