Mitchell Marsh resting both his feet on world cup Trophy..!?

 Australian player Mitchell Marsh's disrespectful behavior towards the world cup has created turmoil in cricket. What he did with the World Cup. The fans were upset. Australian player Mitchell Marsh's behavior without showing any respect for the world cup has caused a stir among cricket fans. australia really planned and won the final. Many people are praising the team. Even India's captain Rohit Sharma, who lost, praised Australia's brilliant batting.

In this situation, Mitchell Marsh's behavior without giving due respect to the world cup shows his seriousness, and the fans are criticizing him severely. Australia's World Cup-winning team captain Pat Cummins, who bought the trophy, shared it with his teammates.
 Every Australian player on the field received the trophy and took a photo. Next, the Australian players went to their dressing room with the World Cup. There Australian player Mitchell Marsh posed for a photo with his leg on the world cup while drinking. The photo went viral on the internet. Fans are shocked to see it.
One person has registered his protest saying that this should be the last world cup for the Australian team who are stepping into the world cup like this. Similarly, many people have been criticizing Mitchell Marsh. Mitchell Marsh scored only 15 runs in the world cup final after the victory. At this stage, he has his foot on the World Cup. Has the Australian team's world cup victory given the team a head start? The question also arises.

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