Amid a global outpouring of respiratory infections and clusters of pneumonia in youngsters in china, five Republican senators led by Marco Rubio requested President Joe Biden's administration on friday to impose a travel restriction between the united states and China. "We should immediately restrict travel between the united states and (China) until we know more about the dangers posed by this new illness," Rubio, the senior Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said in a letter.

The World health Organisation has asked china to disclose more information, citing a study from the Programme for Monitoring Emerging Diseases on clusters of undetected pneumonia in children. While the WHO later said that no rare or novel viruses had been found, taiwan has recommended the elderly, very young, and people with compromised immunity avoid traveling to China. According to Reuters, neither the white house nor the Chinese embassy in the united states responded quickly.

Earlier this week, Maria Van Kerkhove, interim head of the WHO's Department of Epidemic and Pandemic Preparation and Prevention, stated that the increase looked to be driven by an increase in the number of children getting diseases that they had avoided during the COVID-19 limitations' two years.

Over worries about Covid-19, then-US President donald trump prevented most non-US nationals who had visited china in the previous two weeks from entering the US in january 2020. trump, on the other hand, imposed no restrictions or limitations on flights between the two nations. Flights between the united states and china have gradually increased in recent months.

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