Hard work for the formation of separate telangana is gone..!?

The ruling BRS is on the brink of defeat in Telangana. congress will come to power with a clear majority. In this context, let us see the reasons for the defeat of BRS. With the sacrifice of thousands of youths... The result of years of tireless struggle... Decades of hard work for the formation of separate Telangana. people named the leader who took the lead in telangana as the first chief minister of a separate state. In the 2014 election, BRS defeated the trs with a huge majority of telangana people. They waited for dreams to come true in their own state, for the youth to have a better future, for water, funds, and appointments. It is with this aspiration that telangana won the trs in the 2018 elections.
But now the situation has changed. Gradually the aristocracy of the rulers increased. There is a growing trend that there is no direction for telangana except us. Undermining the opposition rather than raising it also gave rise to a sense of self-righteousness. Just as there are a thousand reasons for Karna's death. These are all the reasons why KCR's hopes of emerging as the hat-trick cm after winning the third time comfortably. The first of these should be mentioned. Unemployment problem. The government promised employment to the youth that lakhs of jobs would come if telangana came, but even in the past ten years, the government has not provided the expected level of jobs. Non-notification, leakage of papers, inter-leakage, APPSC leakage, postponement of group exams... The chaos has increased impatience among the youth.The most important thing to mention is the misdeeds being done in the name of dharani Portal. Due to the dharani portal, tenant farmers and small farmers have suffered severely. There are criticisms that it has only benefited the landlords. In many places, the lands distributed to the people are also in the name of the respective landlords in Dharani, and there are incidents where Rythu Bandhu is also getting them.
Millions of crores of corruption in projects like Kaleshwaram. A breach in the medigadda barrage in the ambitious kaleswaram project has exposed corruption. Quality defects were pointed out. Criticism that Dalit Bandhu was introduced to make Dalits economically stable and live with self-respect was an abuse. Only those who belong to the ruling party and the followers of the MLAs are receiving Dalit Bandhu, including taking commissions, bribes, and percentages.This is the most ambitious project undertaken after the formation of the BRS government. The government has failed to provide double-bedroom houses to the poor and downtrodden sections. The lack of basic amenities in the rooms, even though they are provided in some places, is also a reason. The talk of introducing bc Bandhu like Dalitbandu has become a water drop. It turned out to be a cover-up.

After land grabs, the most important thing to mention is the exploitation of natural resources. Sand Mafia. The arbitrary exploitation of natural resources is also a cause of apathy.

In addition to these, there are more reasons.

- Only half of the families of the martyrs were identified, and even those who were identified were not given jobs and lands.
- Strong opposition in constituencies against sitting MLAs
- Full non-availability of assistance to Mallanna Sagar evacuees, forced evictions, non-fulfillment of promised compensations
- Formation of the gulf Board, 5 lakh compensation for the families of the dead have been forgotten for ten years. This time, on the last day of the election campaign, ktr promised at the last minute that they would be completed in January.
- Incongruous depiction of Pravallika's suicide of a student preparing for groups.
- media management.. trampling against news against them.
- telangana is turning into family rule, Gadilo aristocracy. KCR, ktr, Harish Rao, Kavitha, Santhosh.. none other than those five.
-Cruel treatment of those who speak the truth
- Loss of public confidence in KCR
- Changing telangana rashtra samithi to Bharat Rashtra Samithi in the name of the National Party. people feel that telangana has hurt their self-esteem.- Bringing corrupt party leaders to the back of the case, taking care of them without cases and accusations- Allegations that kavitha herself got caught in the liquor scam and managed not to get arrested
- Allegations that there are corrupt deals in the bjp, Bandi Sanjay's change as bjp telangana president before the election is seen as proof of this.
- Boons to employees when won in 2014, opposition among government employees after being neglected for the second time
- Keeping BRS activists away from the movement party
- Inhumane treatment of rtc workers who played a vital role in the achievement of telangana, suppression of strike without union in RTC
- Promises to close open cast mines in singareni have not been fulfilled, employees have halved in ten years, and there are no new jobs.
- Giving key positions in trs to those from parties not related to the movement

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