A recent incident has highlighted the significant impact that employee strikes can have on even iconic landmarks and large businesses. The renowned eiffel tower, normally open year-round, recently faced closure due to a strike by its employees. This marks the second time in two months that the iconic structure has been shut down due to labour strikes.

Tourists arriving at the eiffel tower were greeted with a sign at the entrance, stating, "Eiffel Tower is closed due to strike. You can forgive." The strike, driven by employees' concerns over poor financial management, has disrupted one of the world's most visited sites. The 300-meter landmark in central paris, usually open 365 days a year, has faced challenges due to the ongoing employee strike.

The closure has impacted tourists planning to visit the eiffel tower, with a notice on the website advising them to check for updates before planning their visit. The note, available in several languages, urged visitors to consider postponing their plans due to the current situation and advised checking their inboxes for information regarding electronic tickets.

This isn't the first time the eiffel tower has faced closure due to labour disputes. In december of the previous year, it was closed for an entire day during the christmas and New Year holidays. The ongoing strike, led by the CGT union representing eiffel tower workers, aims to address issues related to improving the monument, which is owned by the paris municipality, and seeking salary adjustments based on ticket sales revenue.

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