Trisha Krishnan has always been the victim of unwanted rumors and baseless vulgar talks. This is not new to the 40-year-old actress as it all started after her debut blockbuster movie 'Saamy'. A bathing video of trisha surfaced on the Internet and it created ripples all over. trisha chose to keep a muted response and later it subsided with time.

When her wedding with varun Manian was called off, everyone lashed out at her personal life and even questioned her morals. Even though, the actress' mother Uma Krishnan respected privacy, the media and news tabloids reported so cheaply against her. Later, some photos of trisha getting boozed with fashion designer Sidney Sladen were released and it made noise as well.

The actress went outside the radar for a while and got back into the game with the 'Ponniyin Selvan' franchise and she signed an array of movies. Now, she is back in the game and is giving young actresses a run for their money. At the same time, the vulgar reports and rumors are also back. It all started with Mansoor ali Khan making rape desires on her and she vented out her rage. Now, ADMK Politician AV Raju openly spit out Trisha's name in the video.

Even though he apologized, it should be noted that he clearly mentioned only Trisha's name and he just said 'Other' Actresses also came to the resort without mentioning their names. Why is trisha always the soft target? What is the agenda behind tarnishing her reputation? Well, we hope time reveals everything! 

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