Woman in Arabic script dress was saved from Mob..!?

In pakistan, the incident of an attempted attack on a woman wearing a dress with Arabic letters printed on it has caused a stir. An attempt was made to attack a woman in Pakistan's Lahore state after she wore a dress with Arabic letters printed on it, saying she had insulted Islam. The incident has created a lot of tension in the area. pakistan is a majority Muslim country. The country has a blasphemy law punishable by death for defamation of the Islamic religion or books. Also, incidents of gang attacks in pakistan where innocent people are attacked and killed because they have insulted religion are taking place from time to time.

Thus, a woman from Lahore along with her husband went to the restaurant last Sunday. The woman was wearing a dress with Arabic letters printed on it. The dress had 'halwa' (meaning beauty or dessert) printed on it. However the people working at the restaurant mistakenly believed that the clothes the woman was wearing contained verses from the Islamic holy book. They criticized the woman for insulting Islam. Hundreds of people gathered in front of the restaurant and threatened the woman. The woman was shocked by this.

The mob started shouting slogans demanding the death penalty for the woman, saying she had insulted islam and the book. This created a tense situation in the area. On receiving the information, the police immediately rushed to the spot. Then they negotiated with the mob that surrounded the area and took the girl safely away from the area. While the incident has caused a stir in pakistan, the woman said that she did not wear a dress with verses from the Quran printed on it, but she apologized for the incident. She also mentioned that such an incident will not happen again.

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