Smugglers are using creative strategies to get gold into india through airports, and they've even been known to trick customs officers occasionally. However, after learning about the smugglers' strategies, department authorities were aware of several methods they were using and strengthened their watch at the RGI airport Shamshabad, thereby foiling their attempts.
Customs officers at Hyderabad's rajiv gandhi International airport (RGIA) confiscated more than 13.65 kilograms of gold in 28 separate transactions in February, valued at Rs. 6.03 crore. Authorities discovered that travelers from the Middle east had gold hidden in their checked luggage, hardware equipment, stomachs, and rectums.

Customs authorities said that they had made three arrests in February. Two rods, one under each of two separate seats in a flight, were discovered by the cops in two distinct incidents. Beneath the seat cushions were the gold rods. A total of 394 grams of gold, valued at Rs. 24.50 lakhs, were taken into custody. In another instance, when authorities stopped a traveler traveling from Dubai, they discovered gold in the form of wires hidden within a metal showcase item. The 449 grams of gold, worth Rs. 27.92 lakhs, were taken into custody.

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