The ap election heat is around the corner and the battle is getting spicy with each day passing by. The nominations are ending sooner and the high command is moving the campaign. The war of words between parties is taking the election excitement to the next level. india Herald brings you all the election fever updates and you can read them via our E-Paper.

After enjoying power for ten years, kcr lost the elections. After the defeat, KCR's situation became worse. Most of them started migrating from the party. It looks like the party will win one seat in the lok sabha elections. In this background, arguments are being heard that kcr is done and dusted. revanth reddy also stressed this in most of his campaigns.

Responding to this, kcr said that the party will not be finished just by losing one election. He has shown many examples and said the party will bounce back. tdp has been out of power for almost fifteen years and is making a strong comeback in Andhra Pradesh. He reminded that congress also came to power in telangana after ten years. Therefore, there is no use in the argument that BRS is finished. kcr expressed hope that BRS will come to power again with a bumper majority. The election has all the answers

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