In the current lok sabha elections, Karne Shireesha, better known as Barrelakka, is contesting against RS praveen Kumar in Nagarkurnool. She gained notoriety for running in the kollapur seat in the most recent assembly elections and for raising awareness when a video of her challenging the government about unemployment while taking care of buffaloes went viral.
She is now a candidate for the nagarkurnool lok sabha constituency on her own. Pothuganti Bharat prasad of the BJP, RS praveen Kumar of the Bharat Rashtra Samithi, and Mallu ravi of the congress are her opponents. Shireesha is a cow herder and a BCom graduate from Marikal village in Nagarkurnool. Her goal is to demonstrate that common people can win elections without using violence or bribes.
She has had offers of money and a house, but she refuses to back down from her determination to stand out for Telangana's unemployed young. She got funding for her previous campaign from people like Malladi krishna Rao and campaign help from VV lakshmi Narayana, a retired IPS officer. She did not win, but the people gave her a lot of support and attention.

Earlier in 2023, independent candidate Karne Shireesha—also referred to as Telangana's "buffalo sister"—finished fourth out of five candidates running for the state's kollapur assembly seat. She received a total of 5,754 votes. krishna RAO' target='_blank' title='jupally krishna rao-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>jupally krishna rao of the congress won the seat with 93,609 votes, defeating his nearest opponent, Harshavardhan reddy of the BRS, by almost 30,000 votes.


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